À La Carte Sponsorship

Support and Promotional Opportunities

À la carte promotional opportunities allow you to reach specific ESIP audiences through different styles of collaborative technology development. For custom sponsorship opportunities, contact: lab@esipfed.org

Incubator Project - $15,000

This is your opportunity to support ESIP's community of data and technology professionals as they develop innovative, applied Earth science technology. Each incubator project you support includes:

  • Mention of your support within the RFP
  • ESIP Lab branded with your logo under ‘Support'
  • ESIP Lab Plenary branded with your logo at the ESIP Summer Meeting
ESIP Meeting Sponsorship

Please visit our ESIP Meeting Sponsorship page here.


Get started today!

For more information about how to support the ESIP Lab, or to request a custom proposal, please contact Annie Burgess, Director, ESIP Lab.

annieburgess@esipfed.org | (585) 738-7549