ESIP Lab – RFP now openThis year’s theme is climate resilience.

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ESIP is a home for Earth science data and computing professionals. Our sessions bring together the community for hands-on, interdisciplinary deep dives.

Next ESIP Meetings

July 22-26, 2024 – Asheville, NC

January 21-24, 2025 – Virtual

July 21-25, 2025 – Seattle, WA

January 20-23, 2026 – Virtual

Grounded in Trust: Data Ethics Empower Collaboration

Two of ESIP’s core values are Integrity and Collaboration. Building trust in data, systems, and products requires teamwork. At the center of this interplay are data ethics and the decisions individuals, teams, organizations, and even whole agencies make to ensure information systems are accurate and equitable.

The ESIP community wants data-driven decision making, which acknowledges that no data are collected, analyzed, or archived in a void. Likewise, the tools, software, and platforms used in the data life cycle also have social and cultural aspects. So even as Earth science data professionals tackle technical challenges, human elements remain present.

Join the discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on tool explorations at the next ESIP Meeting.

Rates and Registration

ESIP strives to be an open and inclusive community.

If the registration fee poses a barrier to participation for you, please consider submitting an application for reduced or waived registration.

Complete the ESIP Meeting Registration Assistance form to request support to attend the 2024 July ESIP Meeting by June 22, 2024.

Attendees from ESIP partner organizations receive $100 off their registration fee. Early registration closes June 22, 2024, but registration will remain open until the start of the ESIP Meeting.

The 2024 July ESIP Meeting will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Asheville. The hotel room block is available for reservations through June 22, but rooms may get booked before that date.

Registration Fees

    • Partner Rate – $625.00 early | $700
    • Non-Partner Rate – $725.00 early | $800
    • Teacher Rate – $20.00
    • Student Registration (In-Person or Virtual) $175.00
    • 1-day Rate (In-Person ONLY) $375.00
    • Partner Rate – $250.00 | $300
    • Non-Partner Rate – $350.00 | $400.00
    • Teacher Rate – $20.00
    • Student Registration (In-Person or Virtual) $175.00

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What are ESIP Meetings like?

The ESIP community gathers twice each year: In January for a virtual meeting and in July for a hybrid, in-person meeting. We focus on Earth science and its technical challenges.

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Find your people

ESIP Meetings are open to anyone interested in Earth science data, computing, and technology.

There are about 300 attendees from the Earth, space, and environmental sciences.

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Dive into #EarthScienceData

Each meeting has a theme, ranging from the big-picture impacts of data to the nitty-gritty of new tools and information quality.

Many sessions are interdisciplinary and may cover specific tools or broad concepts.

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Interactive session formats

Our meetings cover current trends, problems, and emerging issues in Earth science data and information. There is a mix of plenary talks, breakout sessions, poster presentations, technical workshops, networking, and special events.

ESIP meetings are open to anyone interested in Earth science data.

Many attendees are information technology professionals, teachers, and researchers. Their scientific fields include atmosphere, ocean, solid earth, ecology, data science, and social sciences.

Some attendees join monthly calls in ESIP’s Collaboration Areas.


Alexis Garretson

What I do: Repurpose neglected data to investigate how communities change over time, using a combination of genomics and Earth science methods.

Why I do it: Because I believe we have a responsibility to the public to maximize data use to understand the natural world and our place in it.

Alexis Garretson , 2023 Raskin Scholar

What we do: Using the core vocabulary, we develop domain-specific practices for publishing and harvesting structured Earth science data.

Why we do it: To support improved search and discovery of scientific resources on the web.

Adam Shepherd (BCO-DMO) and Doug Fils (Ocean Leadership) , Cluster Co-Chairs
Colette Brown Raskin Scholar

What I do: Connect what humans see to what computers can help us understand to uncover shrub trends in the Arctic after large disturbances.

Why I do it: Data science is the fastest way to help us get a better understanding of Arctic processes so we can develop effective climate adaptation strategies.

Colette Brown , 2022 Raskin Scholar, Energy and Resources Group (ERG), UC Berkeley

What we do: Host presentations and discussions focused on Information Technology and Interoperability (IT&I).

Why we do it: Connecting the nodes of Earth science data tools helps the whole community innovate.

ESIP Administrative Committee , Supported by the USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI)

“With ESIP Lab funding, we transitioned a hydrologic modal from “research grade” to cloud-based operations for watersheds on three continents.”

Assistant Professor , Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University

ESIP Meeting Sponsors

Here are companies who have sponsored ESIP Meetings in the past. Help us innovate and improve our collaboration model!

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