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Celebrate Our 2024 Award Winners with ESIP

This year, ESIP recognizes a handful of people who do the work, build community, and go above and beyond.
Welcome 2024 ESIP Community Fellows!
This year's class of Community Fellows span many Earth science, information science and data science fields, bringing together a strong team with interdisciplinary interests and enthusiasm.
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leaves and rocks spelling out code
Guest Blog: The Power of Soil Data
In her guest blog, Soil Ontology and Informatics Cluster participant Vaasuki Marupaka explains why multidisciplinary approaches are crucial for soil science and understanding global carbon dynamics.
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Coast Guard boat skimming across waves at sunrise
Guest Blog: Teamwork, Military Training, and the Skills Needed for Data Science Jobs
In his guest blog, Community Fellow Chad Lanctot shares how two decades in the Coast Guard prepared him for a transition into civilian data science jobs.
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ESIP FUNday Friday
FUNding Friday: Microfunding Marker Magic
One of the more playful initiatives at ESIP is a microfunding competition called FUNding Friday. Here are the 2023 projects plus short write ups from each.
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gloved hand holding worm
Guest Blog: Two Waves of Global W”o”rming
In his guest blog, pedologist Kyungsoo Yoo digs into the earthworm invasions spreading beneath our feet and how they interact with climate.
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