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25+ Years of Community-Driven Impact

By creating a home for Earth science data professionals across sectors and disciplines, ESIP empowers our community of volunteers and partner organizations to do together what they could not do alone.

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Explore last year’s impact in our most recent annual report.

Our Impact Reflects ESIP Values

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Curiosity Impact

Innovative Ideas Funded

Through the ESIP Lab, we provide microfunding grants with a particular emphasis on learning new skills and experimenting with new ideas.

Unlike many funders, we don’t expect you to have all the answers. We value the process of finding those answers—and that’s what we fund.

The impact of microfunding is amplified, too. ESIP Lab pilot projects have gone on to earn more than $2M in funding from NSF, NASA, and NOAA.

“With ESIP Lab funding, we transitioned a hydrologic modal from “research grade” to cloud-based operations for watersheds on three continents.”

Assistant Professor , Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University

“We can now incorporate deep learning in hurricane modeling to save lives and reduce damages.”

Assistant Professor , Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, University of Houston

“We are developing a sensor network to calibrate hydrology altimetry data for airborne and satellite applications.”

PhD Candidate , Geography Department, UCLA

“We can now produce high-quality crop maps by creating deep learning workflows in web browsers.”

Research Professor , Computer Science Department, George Mason University

Inclusivity Impact

Empowered Early-Career Professionals

We value diverse perspectives and work hard to develop them, not only in the ESIP community but across the broader earth science data and computing disciplines.

To dedicate space to emerging voices, we support students and early-career professionals through our Community Fellows and Raskin Scholarship Programs.

Read posts written by and about our Community Fellows below.

ESIP community fellows statistics

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Photo by USGS

Openness Impact

Resources Freely Shared

Openness transforms science, and we’re committed to promoting the sharing of knowledge, resources, and tools.

Each year, our volunteer community participants share dozens of resources on figshare, where anyone in the scientific community can access them.

Collaboration Impact

Peers & Experts Brought Together

Collaboration is what we do—from monthly Collaboration Area telecons to twice-yearly ESIP Meetings and everything in between.

We’re proud to create the time and space for impactful collaboration, but we also know that the real impact of ESIP is what happens far beyond our own initiatives and events. It’s the knowledge shared, the connections made, the research ideas seeded, and the projects initiated as a result of ESIP-facilitated connections.

The bottom line? Our community drives our ultimate impact.

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ESIP impact stats on remote image of desert

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Integrity Impact

Built Trust in Earth Science Data

Integrity is the foundation for any successful collaboration. We’re proud of the work our community does to develop and share ethical practices for the stewardship of Earth science data, such as our ESIP Assembly Endorsed Guidelines.

By setting a standard for clear and meaningful citations, software, schema, and analytics, we establish credibility that extends far beyond the ESIP community.

The real impact of ESIP isn’t only in our numbers! It’s in the work of our community.

Explore some of their most outstanding work by checking out our award winners.