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Earth Science Data Resources

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While ESIP is not a data repository, we do have many resources created and maintained by our community.

dry landscape of rocky buttes in southern Utah and northeastern Arizona

Photo by USGS

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Can I join as an individual?

ESIP does not offer partnership to individuals, only organizations. However, participation is open to anyone who wants to attend ESIP Meetings, join Collaboration Area calls and projects, and be a part of our Earth science data community.

Do I have to officially join ESIP to participate in activities?

No, there is no formal membership required for individuals. You can jump into any activity that interests you, whether it’s contributing to a Collaboration Area, attending our next ESIP Meeting, or simply joining the conversation in Slack.

If you represent an entire organization and would like to join as an entity rather than an individual, please apply for Partnership.

How are ESIP programs funded?

ESIP is funded through cooperative agreements with NASA, NOAA, and USGS. We also rely on ESIP Meeting sponsorships to help underwrite the costs of our operations. Learn more about sponsoring us, or read our financials to understand how we operate.

How do I know if my organization is already a partner?

Check the partner list here.

My organization is not an ESIP Partner. Can I still participate?

Yes! While many participants are affiliated with an ESIP partner, this is by no means a requirement. You are welcome to participate as an individual in any ESIP program including ESIP Meetings, Collaboration Areas, and more. Learn more about how to get involved.