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Become an ESIP Partner

ESIP stands for Earth Science Information Partners and is a community of partner organizations and volunteers.

ESIP partners work together to meet environmental data challenges and look for opportunities to expand, improve, and innovate across Earth science disciplines.


Partnership Benefits

We welcome ESIP partner applications from industry, government, academic, research and not-for-profit organizations to join and support our Earth science data community.

We look for partners who:

  • Embrace collaborative exchange models
  • Connect to data providers and tool developers
  • Want to network with other Earth science organizations
  • Help researchers and decision-makers on environmental issues

Partnership is free.

ESIP partners also get:

  • $100 off registration for ESIP Meetings
  • Eligible for ESIP Lab funding
  • Eligible to start ESIP Collaboration Areas around your interest
  • A voice and vote on guidance documents for Earth science data, like the ESIP Data Citation Principles
  • Anyone from an ESIP Partner is eligible to be elected as ESIP President, Vice President, Committee Chairs, and at-large Board seats, which includes travel to ESIP Meetings

Partnership FAQs

Many people ask about membership in ESIP. Here are a few common questions we get to help clarify the different ways that individuals and organizations can get involved with our Earth science data community.

What are the types of ESIP partners?

There are five types of ESIP partner organizations:

  • Type I: Data and Information Distributors, Repositories, and Archive Centers
  • Type II: Product and Service Providers
  • Type III: Earth Science Applied Service Providers
  • Type IV: ESIP Sponsors
  • Type V: Collaborative Data Networks

What is the partnership application timeline?

ESIP applications are reviewed quarterly. The Partnership Committee, reviews and posts the application for a 30-day comment period. At the conclusion of the comment period, a formal vote of the Partner Assembly is taken.

Can I join as an individual?

ESIP does not offer partnership to individuals, only organizations. However, participation is open to anyone who wants to attend ESIP Meetings, join Collaboration Area calls and projects, and be a part of our Earth science data community.

How do I know if my organization is already a partner?

Check the partner list here.

My organization is large, does the entire thing have to join?

No, departments, research groups or projects are all welcome to join as an ESIP partner.

For further information, please contact