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Join us at the next ESIP Meeting!

Virtual: 2024 January ESIP Meeting

ESIP is a home for Earth science data and computing professionals. Our meetings are community-driven. Our sessions bring together the community for hands-on, interdisciplinary deep dives.

Join the most innovative thinkers and leaders around Earth science data as we work together on “Grounded in Trust: Data Ethics Empower Collaboration.”


Early registration closes Dec 22. 

    • Partner Rate – $225 ($275 after Dec 22)
    • Non-Partner Rate – $325 ($375 after Dec 22)
    • Student Rate – $50
    • K-12 Teacher Rate – $50

Registration Assistance

ESIP strives to be an open and inclusive community. If the registration fee poses a barrier to participation for you, please consider submitting an application for reduced or waived registration. Each year we receive a number of requests. In order to ensure we evaluate these requests in a fair, consistent and transparent manner, please complete the ESIP Meeting Registration Assistance form to request support to attend the 2024 January ESIP Meeting by January 5, 2024.

2024 ESIP Meetings: Fully Virtual - January 22-26, 2024 and Asheville, NC - July 23-26, 2023

Learn more about past ESIP Meetings.


We gather virtually each January and in person each July.  Listen to a recap of the open science explorations from July 2023.

2023 July ESIP Meeting 

2023 January ESIP Meeting

Highlights from Burlington


The 2023 meeting theme was Opening Doors to Open Science. ESIP also celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Highlights from Pittsburgh


The 2022 meeting theme was Data for All People: From Generation to Use & Understanding.

2022 July ESIP Meeting

2022 January ESIP Meeting

About Our Meetings

We hold two meetings each year, one in January and one in July.

These two meetings bring together ESIP partner organizations and community members. Often, leaders from ESIP clusters and committees organize sessions. But anyone interested in Earth science data is welcome. 

Each meeting has a theme, ranging from the big-picture impacts of data to the nitty-gritty of new tools and information quality.

Read about ESIP projects on our blog Merge. 

Who Attends ESIP Meetings?

ESIP meetings are open to anyone interested in Earth science data.

There are about 300 attendees from the Earth, space, and environmental sciences.

Many attendees are information technology professionals, teachers, and researchers. Their scientific fields include atmosphere, ocean, solid earth, ecology, data science, and social sciences. Some attendees join monthly telecon calls in ESIP's 30+ Collaboration Areas.

Find your people in the Collaboration Areas.

What To Expect

Our meetings cover current trends, problems, and emerging issues in Earth science data and information. There is a mix of plenary talks, breakout sessions, poster presentations, technical workshops, networking, and special events to: 

  • talk about emerging and persistent topics
  • learn about new technologies and evolving concepts
  • build new collaborations
  • meet people doing similar work from different companies, institutions, and agencies

Learn more about past ESIP Meetings.

2022 July ESIP Meeting

Pittsburgh, July19-22, 2022

2022 January ESIP Meeting

 ONLINE January 18-21, 2022

2021 July ESIP Meeting

ONLINE July 19-23, 2021

2021 January ESIP Meeting

 ONLINE January 26-29, 2021