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Marine Data Cluster



What we do: Connect people working in marine geoscience data to explore data management, interoperability, data analytics, data quality, and cloud computing.

Why we do it: Our world is mostly made up of water — oceans being the largest part. To understand marine systems, we need standardized data and accessible tools.

Carolina Berys-Gonzalez (UCSD) and Mathew Biddle (NOAA)
Cluster Co-Chairs

data cluster under water

The goal of the Marine Data Cluster is to bring together ESIP members working with data in the marine geosciences to discuss advancements and challenges in their field, and to build relationships to foster future collaborations.

The cluster meets once a month where members or other cohorts present their research and solicit feedback from the community. The intent is to connect with participants from other relevant ESIP Collaboration Areas and discuss how innovations in their work can be applied to the marine geosciences.

Join the Marine Data Cluster on the second Thursday each month at 2 p.m. Eastern.

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Marine Data Infographic

The Marine Data Cluster and Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) put together a list of quick dips and deep dives in an infographic organized around the data life cycle: “Easy Resources for Managing Your Ocean Data” and tips on the DOOS website. The resource began as a breakout session “Creating a “10 things” list about Data Management for (Deep) Ocean Scientists” at the 2022 July ESIP Meeting

Marine Data Management

As a collaboration between the Marine Data Cluster and the Biological Data Standards Cluster, the “Recent advancements in marine data management: From ‘omics to imaging and beyond” session from the 2022 January ESIP Meeting showcased innovative and time-tested techniques for managing the heterogeneous observations of the world’s oceans.

ESIP Meeting Sessions

The Cluster has organized several meeting sessions: “Marine Data Cluster’s Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Development – Working Session” at the 2021 July ESIP Meeting and “Data Interoperability for In-Situ Oceanographic Datasets” at the 2020 ESIP Summer Meeting. The group also posted their work and additional resources for marine data management on the ESIP github.