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Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


At ESIP, we believe society's quality of life, economic opportunities, and stewardship of the planet are enhanced by regular use of scientifically sound Earth science data and information provided in a timely manner by a community that is collaborating to improve their collective services. 

We Collaborate.

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30+ Collaboration Areas explore and take on Earth science data challenges.

We innovate.

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>60k in funding for pilot projects through the ESIP Lab.

We cross domains.

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140+ partner organizations in government, industry, and academia.



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Earth Science Data and Information

ESIP stands for Earth Science Information Partners and is a community of partner organizations and volunteers. We work together to meet environmental data challenges and look for opportunities to expand, improve, and innovate across Earth science disciplines. Watch our ESIP 101 video.


What ESIP Does:

Learn more about the people, projects, and organization of our 501(c)3 nonprofit.


ESIP Community Celebrates 2023 Award Winners

The Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is an organization of organizations. There are no individual members, however, individuals and member organizations often step up as excellent data stewards, community organizers and enthusiastic volunteers. This year,...

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The ESIP Meeting is here!

The ESIP Meeting is here! The 2023 January ESIP Meeting takes place this week. It's all virtual and we are focusing on "Opening Doors to Open Science." ESIP Meeting Announcements 25 years. 50 meetings. 300 Earth science professionals. 35 community-driven events. All...

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ESIP Lab: RFP is out – water & wildfire

ESIP Lab: RFP is out - water & wildfire And our conference starts next week! Will you be joining us for the 2023 January ESIP Meeting? ESIP Meeting Announcements It's going to be an exciting ESIP Meeting! We are celebrating 25 years as an organization, which makes...

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