Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


At ESIP, we believe society's quality of life, economic opportunities, and stewardship of the planet are enhanced by regular use of scientifically sound Earth science data and information provided in a timely manner by a community that is collaborating to improve their collective services. 



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Earth Science Data and Information

ESIP stands for Earth Science Information Partners and is a community of partner organizations and volunteers. We work together to meet environmental data challenges and look for opportunities to expand, improve, and innovate across Earth science disciplines.

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ESIP Update: Team science Q&A with Ryan Abernathey

ESIP Update: Team science Q&A with Ryan Abernathey Welcome to the ESIP Update. Join Falkenberg Award winner Ryan Abernathey for a reflection on the technical challenges of team science. ESIP News + Stories No ESIP Update Next Week We will be celebrating the Fourth...

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Q&A with Falkenberg Awardee Ryan Abernathey

Ryan Abernathey is the 2021 Charles S. Falkenberg Award recipient, a joint award through the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). In his Q&A, Abernathey takes on the big ideas and small details of team science.Ryan...

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Thank You from the UNBOUND Team 🌎

Thank You from the UNBOUND Team 🌎 We have completed our workshops together, but we know the work continues.  Thank you, UNBOUND Participants! Our time together in our workshops has come to an end, but we know the work continues.  We appreciate all your input and hope...

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