Community is the heart of ESIP.

ESIP stands for Earth Science Information Partners and is a community of partner organizations and volunteers.

An important aspect of the ESIP community is recognizing the outstanding accomplishments, achievements and service of our partner organizations and individual participants.

We do that through peer recognition, joint, and special awards presented at the January and July ESIP Meetings. We also support Earth science data professionals at all career stages. Check out the Raskin Scholarship and Community Fellow opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.


Drone photo of a shoreline with #EarthScienceData and ESIP logo

ESIP Awards

Charles Falkenberg Award

The Charles S. Falkenberg Award is given annually to one honoree in “recognition of an early- to middle-career scientist who has contributed to the quality of life, economic opportunities and stewardship of the planet through the use of Earth science information and to the public awareness of the importance of understanding our planet.” Established in 2002 and jointly sponsored with the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Falkenberg Award is named in honor of Charles S. Falkenberg, whose research focused on enabling practical applications of Earth science through data visualization and information technology.

ESIP Partner of the Year

This award honors an ESIP partner organization that best exemplifies the spirit of ESIP in one or more areas. We also consider the ESIP annual theme and our Partners' role in the broader Earth science data community. 

Martha Maiden Award

This award, named for Martha E. Maiden, Program Executive for Earth Science Data Systems at NASA, honors individuals who have demonstrated leadership, dedication and a collaborative spirit in advancing the field of Earth science information.

ESIP President's Award

This award recognizes a participant who has made significant contributions to ESIP during the previous year; the recipient is selected by the current ESIP President.

Catalyst Award

This award honors participants who have brought about positive change in ESIP and inspired other members to take action.

ESIP supports virtual and in-person collaborations for cross-domain data professionals on common data challenges and opportunities. Alongside our partner organizations, we create space for Earth science data professionals to connect.

We work together to meet environmental data challenges and look for opportunities to expand, improve, and innovate across Earth science disciplines.


What ESIP Does: