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Martha Maiden Award



In honor of Martha E. Maiden’s leadership, dedication and tireless efforts to nurture ESIP into a vibrant and mature organization, the Martha Maiden Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Earth Science Information Community award was established in 2009 to recognize outstanding service to the Earth science information community. This award honors individuals who have demonstrated leadership, dedication and a collaborative spirit in advancing the field of Earth Science information.

This award is named for Martha E. Maiden, NASA Program Executive for Earth Data Systems. Ms. Maiden is widely credited for nurturing the ESIP Federation in its infancy and has overseen its growth and maturity. This award will be presented annually at the January meeting. The award is open to non-ESIP members. ESIP members should be considered first, before we consider a non-ESIP member. If a non-ESIP member is selected, they should then become an ESIP member.

Past Winners

  • 2024 – Robert S. Chen
  • 2023 – Bob Downs
  • 2022 – Chris Lynnes
  • 2021 – Hampapuram “Rama” Ramapriyan
  • 2020 – Michael Goodman
  • 2019 – Lesley Wyborn
  • 2018 – Barbara Ryan
  • 2017 – Cyndy Chandler
  • 2016 – Ruth Duerr
  • 2015 – Ted Habermann
  • 2014 – Charles Hutchinson
  • 2013 – Sara Graves
  • 2012 – Peter Fox
  • 2011 – John Townshend
  • 2010 – Bruce R. Caron
  • 2009 – Martha E. Maiden

Application Procedure

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. To be considered for the January meeting, a complete nomination package is submitted electronically by October 31 of the preceding year. The following materials are required:

  • Nominating Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Biography (1 page)
  • At least 2 supporting letters

Please address the following in the nomination package:

  • The nature of the leadership role that the nominee has taken within the Earth Science information community.
  • Characteristics that demonstrate the nominee’s dedication to the principles of Earth Science information access and sharing.
  • How the nominee exemplifies the collaborative spirit of ESIP.

The nominations will be reviewed by a small subcommittee of ESIP partners. Applications can be held over for future award cycles, but will require an updated nomination package to be reconsidered. The next award will be presented at the next January ESIP Meeting.

For questions, please contact Megan Carter,

Nominations are submitted electronically via this form: Martha Maiden Nomination Form.


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