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ESIP Turns 25 This Year

ESIP Turns 25 This Year

Founded in 1998, the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) community celebrates a major milestone this year. What has changed in 25 years? What will the next 25 years hold?

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What ESIP Does

ESIP helps Earth science data and computing professionals find each other across organizations. We do this by fostering rich collaborative experiences like hybrid meetings, virtual gatherings and seed funding.

ESIP holds twice annual meetings, monthly telecons, workshops, and funds ESIP Lab pilot projects. We bring together organizations as partners and are driven by individual volunteers from partner organizations and the broader Earth science data community.

As ESIP Turns 25…

We have a lot to celebrate! Here are some highlights from the last year alone:

  • Returned to in-person gatherings with the July meeting in Pittsburgh
  • Made meetings accessible with a fully virtual January meeting and hybrid July meeting
  • Endorsed Science on Guidance
  • Brought together 20 participants in four workshops for Understanding Needs to Broaden Outside Use of NASA Data for the Environmental Justice Community (UNBOUND-EJ)
  • Organized four Data Help Desk events 
  • Supported eight Community Fellows
  • Hosted more 400  community-led telecons
  • Founded the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice Advisory Committee 

As a volunteer organization, ESIP is led by the community and is truly a team effort.
Share a big THANK YOU to all our ESIP staff, Board of Directors, Program Committee, Cluster Chairs, Community Fellows, and the hundreds of people who contribute to our Earth science data community.

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ESIP Supports Innovation

In celebrating our 25 year anniversary, we will be looking forward more than reflecting back.

Stay tuned through our exploration of “Opening Doors to Open Science” as well as novel ESIP Lab projects focused on wildfire and water resources and the evolution of new and existing Collaboration Areas.

Read more about ESIP's impact and programs in our 2022 Annual Report.

ESIP History

Created by NASA in 1998, ESIP was formed to bring together community stakeholders. A National Resource Council recommendation called for breaking down silos in the development of NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) as a critical element of the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

Since its inception, ESIP has continually grown and attracted a diverse group of partners. That now includes more than 170+ partner organizations and 30+ Collaboration Areas. ESIP partners include federal data centers, government research laboratories, research universities, education resource providers, technology developers and various nonprofit and commercial enterprises. The nonprofit is funded by cooperative agreements with NASA, NOAA, and USGS.

Learn more about the “best thing about ESIP” from our 20-year celebration and video series.

ESIP stands for Earth Science Information Partners and is a community of partner organizations and volunteers. We work together to meet environmental data challenges and look for opportunities to expand, improve, and innovate across Earth science disciplines.

Learn more and sign up for the weekly ESIP Update for #EarthScienceData events, funding, webinars and ESIP announcements.