ESIP Membership

ESIP’s strength comes from helping Earth science data people find each other and providing a collaborative platform to support their work!

Members benefit from the ESIP Braintrust – expertise and dedication of its 110+ partner organizations, who advance Earth science information best practices in an open and transparent fashion. Among our many partners are the NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth-observing data centers, as well as government research laboratories, research universities, modelers, education resource providers, technology developers, nonprofits and commercial enterprises.


Benefits of ESIP Membership

Membership is free and members of ESIP organizations enjoy these benefits:

  • $135 off of meeting registration for ESIP's twice annual meetings
  • Eligible for ESIP Lab funding
  • Eligible to start ESIP clusters around your interest
  • A voice and vote on guidance documents for Earth science data, like the ESIP Data Citation Principles
  • Anyone from an ESIP member, you are eligible to be elected as ESIP President, Vice President, Committee Chairs and at-large Board seats, which includes travel to ESIP meetings
  • As a member, you instantly become part of a community designed for you and your colleagues.

Become an ESIP Member Organization

Partnership applications are invited from any interested groups that:

  • Embrace the ideal of collaborative exchange to further the understanding of the environmental health of our planet.
  • Are looking to network with diverse organizations, and show up at meetings.
  • Help researchers and decision-makers deal with critical environmental issues.
  • Connect with data providers, researchers and tool developers.

By being a member, you are announcing that Earth science data matters to your organization! New partner organizations should be enthusiastic about our work and willing to become active participants within the community.



Member Highlight: StormCenter Communications, Inc.

Making real-time decisions based on the right information has never been more critical than in today’s fast-past, globalized world. It has also never been more possible, with vast amounts of data and powerful analysis tools at hand. Geospatial data and tools, in...

Call for Nominations for the 2011 NOAA David Johnson Award

The NOAA David Johnson Award is presented by the National Space Club at the annual Dr. Robert J. Goddard memorial Dinner. The award was established in 1999 to honor the first Administrator of what was to become the NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and...

Member Highlight: BCO-DMO

The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO; was formed in late 2006 with funding from the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Sections of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Geosciences Directorate Division of...

Membership FAQs

How does my organization become a member? 

Fill out the application by clicking the button:


You will receive an automatic follow-up email immediately and the Partnership chair will follow-up shortly after that if there are any questions with your application.

What are the types of ESIP members? 

There are five types of ESIP partner organizations.

  • Type I: Distributors of satellite and ground-based data sets, as well as standardized products derived from those data
  • Type II: Providers of data and information products, technologies or services aimed primarily at the Earth science and research communities
  • Type III: Commercial and non-commercial organizations engaged in developing tools for Earth science
  • Type IV: ESIP financial sponsors
  • Type V: Non-voting financial or in-kind supporters of ESIP activities

What is the application timeline? 

ESIP applications are reviewed quarterly. The Partnership Committee, reviews and posts the application for a 30-day comment period. At the conclusion of the comment period, a formal vote of the Assembly is taken.

Can I participate in ESIP activities without joining or while I wait for my application to be proved? 

ESIP is an open organization. Anyone can join monthly cluster telecons. New applicants are welcome to participate in any telecon or meeting prior or subsequent to submitting an application.

Can I join as an individual? 

ESIP does not offer membership to individuals, only organizations.

How do I know if my organization is already a member? 

Check the member list here

My organization is large, does the entire thing have to join? 

No, departments, research groups or projects are all welcome to join as an ESIP member.

For further information, please contact