Open Science & Data Help Desk at AMS 2023

JANUARY 8-12, Denver, Colorado

The Open Science and Data Help Desk held at the AMS Annual Meeting is hosted by the AMS Board on Data Stewardship with support from the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). Join us in the Exhibit Hall at the AMS Booth (Booth 523) and connect with experts to enhance Earth science research and make data and software more open and FAIR.


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Do you have earth science data or software-related questions? Are you looking to make your data and/or software open and FAIR? Are you interested in tools and resources for working with your data or for finding data to reuse? The Open Science & Data Help Desk is here for you!

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How to Participate

    • Find us in the main exhibit hall (booth #523) to connect with an expert in-person and to see demos and tutorials.
    • Ask questions anytime at our booth or on Twitter using #DataHelpDesk #AMS2023.
    • Our team of Earth science data professionals has decades of experience in informatics and in many scientific domains and specializes in topics like finding, sharing, analyzing, publishing, and citing data.
    • Join discussions about open science, collaboration, and transparency.
    • Watch tutorials and demos of tools and resources you can use to manage your data and enhance your research. Follow #DataHelpDesk¬†to hear about these!