EarthCube is a community-led NSF program to advance partnerships, collaborative platforms and knowledge networks across the Earth, ocean, atmosphere and polar sciences so that scientists can more easily do the science they want and need to do through improved access, visualization and sharing data within and across disciplines. One of the 15 prototyping projects, the EarthCube Test Governance Project, is determining an appropriate governing system for EarthCube by engaging multiple, diverse geo and cyber science communities. Visit for more information.

A Call for Input
The first draft of a governance framework, the EarthCube Enterprise Governance Draft Charter was drafted after a careful review of existing EarthCube materials created by stakeholders within the EarthCube community. Now we need your input to ensure we've captured your needs and ideas! More information about the draft charter development process and charter documents is here.

The EarthCube draft charter was developed by leaders within the EarthCube geo and cyber community at the Assembly Synthesis Workshop held April 16-18, 2014. Photo by: Bruce Caron

Three Ways to Help

You are invited to take an active role in reviewing the Draft Charter and help shape the future of EarthCube Governance. Three online exercises allow you to add your voice to different aspects of the proposed governance framework. We encourage to you participate in all three:

  • Governance Framework Review: provide input on the overall proposed governance framework with this survey, consisting of several strategic overarching questions about the draft charter as a whole (10-20 min.)
  • Draft Charter Review: provide in-depth and specific feedback on the charter. This survey consists of a section-by-section review of the draft charter (20-40 min.)
  • Follow EarthCube’s Twitter: check out our #ECgov posts to answer quick governance related questions (1-2 min.)

EarthCube All-Hands Meeting
The EarthCube All-Hands Meeting will bring together project institutions, partners, collaborators, and scientists from across the globe to share their progress and experience with EarthCube thus far, and discuss and plan activities for the upcoming year. This meeting will be held from June 24-26, 2014 at the Renaissance Dupont Circle hotel in Washington, D.C. Register today!

For more information and questions regarding EarthCube, the community feedback process, and All-Hands Meeting please contact Anna Katz.