As many of you know, over the last 18 months, ESIP has been going through a strategic planning process (workspace) led by ESIP VP, Emily Law. It started with an assessment of where we were. Then the ESIP assembly reviewed the previous strategic plan goals and collectively with the 2014 Summer Meeting attendees modifed the goals to move ESIP forward for the next 4-5 years. Over the last several months, ESIP leadership has put together a roadmap and executive summary for this new strategic plan. Moving forward, the ESIP community will annually review the goals and align collaboration area activities and member activities around these goals.

At this point, we are ready for the community to comment one final time on the Executive Summary before the ESIP Assembly votes to accept this document. Please review the the document here:

Comments can be made below or emailed to the ESIP Excom ( Thanks for your time and interest in ESIP's future!