We’re inviting proposals for sessions and presentations from technical practitioners, scientist and educators for the 2016 Winter Meeting. While the theme is still in discussion sessions are welcome on all topics relevant to ESIP. We want to hear stories and innovation from around the Earth science community crossing sectors and organizations.
Breakout sessions are generally 1.5 hour blocks. We’re interested in success stories and cautionary tales; best practices and abject failures; lessons of the past and visions of the future. At this meeting we will also have a few new types of breakout sessions including:
  • Solo, Dual or Panel session – Solo and Dual presentations offer less diversity of opinion but more in-depth analysis. Panels typically feature one moderator and up to three additional experts who represent different perspectives and opinions.
  • Demonstrations, Tutorial or Training – Classroom-style session to teach attendees; Should be hands-on.
  • Collaborative Working Sessions – Participants will work together to solve a specific problem or work on a specific output (Writing Session, problem solving sessions, hack Sprint (mini Hackathon dedicated to a particular topic), facilitated discussion)
  • ESIP Collaboration Area Planning Meetings – Dedicated time for collaboration areas to plan for the next six months – 1 year. These will likely be scheduled Friday morning.

Submit your ideas to the ESIP Commons (Instructions). Sessions are due by Oct 30, 2015.