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Member Highlight: Rensselaer’s Tetherless World Constellation

Member Highlight: Rensselaer’s Tetherless World Constellation

The Tetherless World Constellation (TWC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a constellation of multidisciplinary researchers who study the scientific and engineering principles that underlie the Web as a data and information resource, to enhance the Web's reach beyond the desktop and laptop computer, and develops new technologies and languages that expand the capabilities of the Web under three themes: Future Web, Xinformatics and Semantic Foundations.

The RPI campus is located in Troy, NY, with the Tetherless World calling the historic Winslow Building our home.

TWC goals include making the next generation web natural to use while being responsive to the growing variety of policy, educational, societal, and scientific needs. Research areas include: web science, privacy, intellectual property, general compliance, Web-based medical and health systems, semantic escience, data-science, semantic data frameworks, next generation virtual observatories, semantic data and knowledge integration, ontologies, semantic rules and query, semantic applications, data and information visualization, and knowledge provenance, trust and explanation for science.

Interesting Projects:The TWC participates in a great many ESIP clusters and various projects in collaboration with ESIP and it’s member organizations. Our two main collaborations are in the Semantic Web Cluster and Science Software group, including work with open source applications, content management systems, provenance, discovery, data science and data stewardship, and the ToolMatch project.

Why we participate in ESIP:

Through the ESIP Federation, the Tetherless World Constellation, it’s faculty, staff, and students, get to learn from and work with a great many people and organizations from various fields of study. In addition to getting to share our work and receive quality feedback from great minds throughout the community, we are kept abreast of cutting edge technologies and research through our various collaborations and the winter and summer ESIP meetings.

Link: http://tw.rpi.edu
Type: II
Joined: 2007
Voting Rep: Peter Fox