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Member Highlight: Knowledge Motifs

Member Highlight: Knowledge Motifs

Founded in 2009, Knowledge Motifs LLC is a consulting group offering a wide-range of services based on over twenty years of experience working within the information industry.  With experience  in institutions ranging from bricks and mortar and digital libraries, archives, and data centers to international standards organizations, non-governmental organizations creating scientific data, commercial and open source software vendors and other service providers, the principals of Knowledge Motifs LLC can help institutions with data and information needs related to training, data organization and preservation,  content analysis and project management.

Interesting project:  The Library of Congress has been involved with digital preservation issues in many ways;  one of the hidden, but useful public services they support is a “Sustainabilty of Digital Formats” web site  that provides descriptions of many kinds of content categories ranging from still images to datasets and geospatial formats.  As part of the effort to flesh out the format description documents for geospatial formats, Knowledge Motifs LLC was contracted to help write the descriptions as well as contribute essays on quality and functionality factors, and an introduction to geospatial resources and formats, found at:  Other interesting projects in which Knowledge Motifs LLC has been involved can be found at:

ESIP Connection:  We are interested in ESIP projects related to the use of Semantic Web technologies, data stewardship and preservation, and agriculture and climate  — the first (Semantic Web) for the opportunity to work on newer technologies that supplement and complement our existing technical skills in information discovery, processing, and visualization;  the second (data preservation) for the opportunity to round out our knowledge of preservation issues by focusing upon geospatial data;  and the third (agriculture and climate) for the opportunity to bring our early, experiential knowledge of farming forward, combine it with our vocational experience and assist in the dissemination of knowledge about an urgent science policy issue that matters a great deal.

ESIP Type: Type III
Joined:  2013
ESIP Voting Rep: Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich