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Partner Highlight: Element 84

Founded in 2010, Element 84, Inc., is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) that designs and develops scalable software solutions that improve the world. Our capabilities include agile software development, large-scale cloud systems, data analytics, and UI/UX design. We work with businesses, government, academic institutions, and nonprofits to create applications and data systems that help users solve problems and answer big questions. We have an eight-year history of support to programs at NASA, USGS, and other federal agencies. Our projects include national movie streaming services, petabyte Earth science and remote sensing repositories, satellite data storage and manipulation, life science data processing pipeline development, and multi-platform mobile application development.

Project Spotlight: Cumulus
NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) houses nearly 50 petabytes of critical Earth Science data–with upcoming missions expected to balloon this figure to over 300 petabytes in the next ten years. NASA studies have found that over half of a scientist’s time is spent processing and preparing data for analysis–leaving only about 30% for actual research. The magnitude of data collected makes it infeasible to download and process it locally, creating a larger burden for scientists, and forcing us to rethink how we store and work with Earth science data. NASA has looked to the cloud to address this, working with Element 84 to build Cumulus, an open source software package that provides the common features needed to manage a cloud archive in the realm of ingest, data stewardship, and cost-controlled distribution of science data to users and services. Cumulus will eventually store a majority of NASA’s remote sensing archive and will create the foundation for more efficient research and analysis using Earth science data.

Group breakout: Element 84 local and remote employees come together for meetings, planning, and social events twice a year.

Why Element 84 Participates in ESIP: ESIP is a great place for us to get in contact with users and potential customers in an industry that we’re passionate about. Through the semi-annual conferences and meetings throughout the year, Element 84 is able to keep its pulse on the Earth science community and engage and collaborate with partners around the world.

Quick Facts
ESIP Member Type: II
Joined ESIP: 2014
ESIP Voting Rep: Tracey Pilone