Instructions for adding content to the ESIP Figshare Portal

Thank you for uploading your content to the ESIP Figshare Portal. It is easy to do and, by doing so, you will obtain a digital object identifier (DOI) that you can use to cite and share your work with others. You will enable the ESIP Community and beyond to learn about your work and engage with you.

What belongs in the ESIP Figshare Portal? The ESIP Figshare Portal should be used to preserve all posters and presentations from ESIP meetings, outputs from ESIP Collaboration Areas, and more. Do you have a video? These should instead be uploaded to the ESIP YouTube Channel. Contact for help in doing this.

Before you add your content to the ESIP Figshare Portal, please be sure that your document is in final form. Please also exercise care in entering metadata about your file. There is no way to edit this information after submission. You will need to create a new submission.

  1. To upload to the ESIP Figshare Portal, go to and START by uploading your document.
  2. Once you upload your file, you will be asked to complete a brief form about your content, including the title, author names, a brief description, and keywords. If the presentation is from an ESIP meeting, please be sure to enter a keyword phrase like ‘ESIP Winter 2019'. This helps ensure that contributions can be sorted properly (e.g., show all presentations from the ESIP Winter 2019 meeting).
  3. Once you complete the form, click “Submit”. You are now finished. Your content will need to be reviewed by ESIP Staff before it becomes public, so do not panic if you do not see it displayed immediately.

NOTE: If you are contributing multiple files for a workshop or breakout session, you can create a single “fileset” for all of the session presentations. This will create a single DOI for all session content with a single title and abstract and you can include all contributors as co-authors. Be sure to include the appropriate meeting keyword as in #2 above.

** HERE is the Figshare FAQ **