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Meet the Student Fellows! Tom Narock (UMD-BC) and Eric Rozell (RPI)

In the Spring of 2011, ESIP welcomed it's first class of Student Fellows. The Fellows support ESIP collaboration areas that align with their graduate school research interest as one way to gain ‘real-world' experience. This series of posts will introduce you to the Fellows that you may meet on some of your telecons or at ESIP meetings. The first two Fellows to introduce are Tom Narock and Eric Rozell. These guys are doing a great job with their clusters. They also submitted and were awarded a FUNding Friday proposal at the ESIP 2011 Summer Meeting. Their project was titled: Linked Open Research Data for Earth and Space Science Informatics.

From Tom Narock, Semantic Web Fellow: 

Who I am: Tom Narock, PhD student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Department of Information Systems, affiliated with NASA/Goddard Heliospheric Physics Laboratory, research interests:Semantic web, semantic web services, provenance, also secretary and social media/web person for AGU/ESSI

How I found ESIP:  through AGU/ESSI, met Erin and several other ESIP members, attended the Winter 2010 meeting of ESIP to learn more about it and was introduced to possibility of student fellowships.

What I’m working on with cluster: converting ESIP and AGU/ESSI data into a semantic representation, becoming familiar with air quality web services and exploring possibility of applying dissertation research there

From Eric Rozell, Discovery Fellow:

Who I am : As a graduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I have worked primarily in the intersection of Semantic Web and cyberinfrastructure for eScience.  I have worked on knowledge representation problems for spatiotemporal metadata, ontology modularization for reuse, and a framework for data search and analysis, among other projects.

How I found ESIP: I initially became interested in the work done by in the ESIP Discovery Cluster at the 2010 AGU Fall Meeting, where there was a lot of work presented regarding the use of OpenSearch for data access and federated search.  Given my interest in OpenSearch and use of the technology within my own projects, I started following the work of the Discovery cluster through the email list and documentation on the ESIP wiki.  During Spring 2011, I applied for the ESIP Student Fellowship and was selected as the Discovery cluster fellow.

What I'm working on: Currently, I am participating in the discussions and decision-making (via the Discovery Change Protocol) regarding the evolution of the cluster's Federated Search convention.  I also actively seek overlap between my own research projects and demonstration of the conventions laid out by the Discovery cluster.