Ignite returned to the AGU Fall Meeting on Wednesday December 16, 2015 at Infusion Lounge. There were appetizers; access to a cash bar; our featured cocktail, the Satellite Mission (it will put you into orbit!); NASA themed prizes and a few other surprises.

Enlighten us, but make it quick!

Ignite gives speakers a strict presentation format: five minutes and 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. The rapid-fire pace of this format makes for fun, frenetic delivery and keeps the audience engaged. Ignite presenters span domains and organizations, and range from graduate students to senior-level researchers, science journalists, educators and others. Some talks are about serious science, others are more lighthearted, but all focus on a compelling idea or story. Ignite talks are not your average scientific conference talks — speakers are encouraged to push boundaries and be creative, funny and thought-provoking.

2015 Speakers and Talk Titles—click the links to watch the talks on YouTube.

Face to Face with Climate Change in Greenland | Twila Moon, University of Oregon
Finding Earth 2.0 | Eduardo Bendek, NASA Ames Research Center
Dengue Bites: Predicting Dengue Risk in Puerto Rico | Martha Sayre, NASA Ames Research Center
Visualizing Geoscience Data: Let Figures Tell the Story | Yao Yao, University of Utah
How Can Arctic Tundra Vegetation Be Greening and Browning? | Uma Bhatt, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Prepare for the Future! Measuring Lakes from Space | Anton Surunis, NASA Ames Research Center
Find Your Inner Wizard: The Magic of Open Air Quality | Christa Hasenkopf, OpenAQ

A Height Advantage: Igniting the Drones-for-Science Landscape | Lindsay Barbieri, University of Vermont
Extreme Space Weather! | Trey Cade, Baylor University
Students on Fire: An Adventure on ICCE | Jacki Klancher, Central Wyoming College
Cooking Shouldn't Kill | Ilissa Ocko, Environmental Defense Fund
An Expected Earthquake That Defied Expectations | Susan Hough, U.S. Geological Survey
What the L Does the Drake Equation Have to do with Climate Change? | Peter Griffith, NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Office

Ignite is sponsored by NASA’s Applied Sciences Program and held in partnership with the ESIP Federation and AGU’s Earth and Space Science Informatics Section.

Contact Rebecca Fowler (rebeccafowler@esipfed.org) with questions.