Ignite@AGU: Tell a story with And, But, Therefore

Here are some pointers for your Ignite@AGU talk.  

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Ignite How-To: And, But, Therefore

Before we talk about ABT,  quick clarifications:

  • For the practice sessions, you only need to attend one session — and you don't need to stay the whole time — but you are welcome to attend any.
  • We recommend doing your slides in PowerPoint using a 16:9 landscape orientation.
  • Our “dress rehearsal” and tech checks will be between 2-4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14 at the Adler. Ping us if you have any time conflicts.
  • We added everyone's photos and talk titles to igniteagu.io — let us know if you see any errors.

Also, we will have an RSVP form for the event that we will share with you next week. Feel free to invite colleagues and friends! Space will be limited, so we encourage people to sign up early.

What is ABT?

You have probably heard that stories have a beginning, middle, and end. And there are many other story structures! The human brain loves to listen and take in narrative, but we are not naturally good at telling them. Therefore, working with a template can help. 

And-But-Therefore helps a storyteller clearly convey their motivation, tension, and resolution.


Start with the action: What happened? Then continue: And the action lead to this next action.


Here's the tension. This is what makes the story juicy. What's the problem, challenge, or surprise? It's also a chance to share a key message.


What's the resolution? What feeling, emotion, inspiration, or idea to you want to leave your audience with?

Next week, we will share the RSVP form, tips from one of the Adler Planetarium science writers, and any other speaker reminders that come up. 

Thanks for all you do and have a lovely, restful holiday this weekend.

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