ESIP Update: Community PROV Challenge, ESIP Figshare, Research as Art, JobOpps and LOTS more!

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ESIP UPDATE: ESIP Figshare Portal is OPEN.  Community PROV Challenge
Register for the Summer Meeting, and forget the poster–> Research as Art is here! 

Happy May Day – 
Starting off the month with good news! ESIP is partnering with Figshare to build a durable home for ESIP member research objects and meeting content.  
Community PROV Challenge has officially begun! ESIP wants YOUR ideas on ways to improve the interoperability of W3C-PROV systems across agencies or institutions to enable a more complete picture of provenance.
 Read all about the challenge, rules and PRIZES here

Lots going on in and around ESIP this week! Keep up on all the action on Slack!
Also check out the new Job Opportunity Channel! If you are not already on the ESIP Slack team: here is your INVITATION.

Remember, if there is anything you'd like to see included in next week's Monday Update, send it to Bruce (brucecaron AT 

Bruce and the ESIP staff

Meeting News

  • Research as Art Call is OPEN
  • Registration for the ESIP 2017 Summer Meeting is OPEN

Federation News 

  • Join the PROV Challenge! 
  • StudentOpps: Raskin Scholarship
  • ESIP Figshare Portal is Open
  • Joint ESIP-RDA Drone Telecon Thursday
  • New Working Group: Data Management Training Clearinghouse: Call on Thursday
  • Three *New* Papers by ESIP Members in the Data Science Journal

Around the Federation

  • GCMD announces version 8.5 for their keywords
  • [jobOPP]NCEAS Postdoctoral Soil Carbon Fellow
  • Call for EarthCube Leadership Nominations
  • Council of Data Facilities All Hands Meeting
  • NSF Big Data Hub “Spokes” proposals open


  • Monday: Web Services
  • Tuesday: Clean Network, Ag&Climate, Envirosensing
  • Wednesday: Usability, Education Out-to-Lunch
  • Thursday: Data Management Training, Drones, Disaster Lifecycle

See the full telecon calendar here. Select the meeting you'd like to attend, login instructions are included in description. 

Meeting News

Research as Art Call is OPEN
The Call for Entries is open. You can submit your artwork HERE. Once again at this year’s ESIP Summer Meeting we'll hold a Research as Art event (on the evening of Wednesday, July 26). Our goal is to encourage the ESIP community to use visual media to communicate their data and research; and to think about their research as an ongoing narrative that can be told through visual media. This event is about showing how the ESIP community uses data. You don’t need to consider yourself an artist in order to submit a piece. The idea is to have a range of entries that show the diversity of research done by members of our community, as well as their creativity and the impact of their work, in an engaging and accessible way. 

Registration for the ESIP 2017 Summer Meeting is OPEN
Early registration (through June 30, 2017) is $415 for members and $550 for non-members. After June 30, the registration fee rises to $515 for members and $650 for non-members. The student registration fee is $150 (This does not go up). A special one-day rate is available for $200. A full refund will be given until June 30. No refunds will be issued for canceled registration after June 30. Register here.

Federation News

Join the PROV Challenge! Don't just think it: share it! 
Your idea might change the data world! Do you have a problem with PROV? An idea to make it work better for your data? A notion just on the tip of your hippocampus? Don't just think it: share it! The Community PROV Challenge seeks to explore how community-based provenance and annotation capabilities enhance scientific integrity throughout the data lifecycle. To do this, the USGS has partnered with the ESIP Lab to find creative solutions to PROV challenges.

Raskin Scholarship 
In March 2012, the ESIP Federation lost long-time member, Rob Raskin. Rob was soft-spoken, easy-going, wise and an Earth science information partner extraordinaire. Rob was a mentor to many aspiring Earth science data professionals. In collaboration with Rob’s family, the ESIP Federation and the Foundation for Earth Science remember Rob and his dedication to support the next generation of Earth science data and technology leaders through the Robert G. Raskin Scholarship.

The Raskin scholarship is awarded annually to a current graduate or post-graduate student in the Earth or computer sciences who has an interest in community evolution of Earth science data systems. For more information, including how to apply, please visit:

ESIP Figshare Portal is OPEN
The ESIP Figshare Portal is a visible, discoverable repository for ESIP meeting content and other research outcomes. If you have your own account (and you will need a Figshare account to add your session content) you can easily add your content and have this attached to the ESIP portal too. MORE information will be forthcoming!  Hop on Figshare today!

New Working Group: Data Management Training Clearinghouse
The new DMTC working group will be having its telecon this week on Thursday. All ESIP members are invited to join in. More information below: Data Management Training Clearinghouse  <Subscribe to Listserv> The DMT Clearinghouse is a registry for online learning resources about research data management.  See ESIP Calendar for call details

Joint ESIP-RDA Drone Telecon Thursday
Joint ESIP-RDA Drone cluster telecon at 3pm EDT Thursday 4 May (note unusual time and day)- OGC's Scott Simmons presenting on OGC's new UXS (terms for all unmanned systems) WG. See ESIP Calendar for call details.

Three *New* ESIP Member Papers in the Data Science Journal
Check out these three new papers in the Data Science Journal. A job well done by all the authors!

  • Aquino, J. A., J. J. Allison, R. A. Rilling, D. Stott, K. Young, and M. D. Daniels, (2017). Motivation and strategies for implementing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) at NCAR’s Earth Observing Laboratory — Past progress and future collaborations. Data Science Journal, 16, p. 7, doi:10.5334/dsj-2017-007.
  • Goldstein, J.C., Mayernik, M.S. & Ramapriyan, H.K., (2017). Identifiers for Earth Science Data Sets: Where We Have Been and Where We Need to Go. Data Science Journal. 16, p. 23, doi:
  • Wanchoo, L., James, N. & Ramapriyan, H.K., (2017). NASA EOSDIS Data Identifiers: Approach and System. Data Science Journal. 16, p.15, doi:

Around the Federation

GCMD announces version 8.5 for keywords
The NASA GCMD staff is pleased to announce the release of version 8.5 of the GCMD keywords. Version 8.5 consists of changes to the Science keywords for Atmospheric Winds and Atmospheric Water Vapor. Overall, 55 new keywords were added and 30 keywords were modified. The keyword changes are summarized in the attached  keyword summary table.

[jobOPP]NCEAS Postdoc Soil Carbon Fellow
NCEAS seeks candidates for a Postdoctoral Fellow position to advance understanding and managing of soil organic matter for environmental outcomes and human well-being. The Fellow will be responsible for leading several analyses in a recently funded SNAPP (Science for Nature and People Partnership) working group project aimed at developing quantitative targets to manage soil organic matter for environmental and human outcomes.

Call for EarthCube Leadership Nominations
The call for nominations for community-wide governance elections is open now through May 5th for the following positions: 

  • Chair of the Liaison Team/Leadership Council Member (One position) — serving June 19, 2017 to May 31, 2019
  • At-Large Leadership Council members (Two positions) — serving June 19, 2017 to May 31, 2019

These positions will serve leadership roles while EarthCube moves into its implementation phase. Further details and description of the offices are posted here.

EarthCube All Hands Meeting
We are fast approaching the lodging discount deadline of May 2 for the All Hands Meeting in Seattle this June. If you are planning to attend but have not yet reserved your room at the AHM discount we highly encourage you to do this as soon as possible. June is high season in Seattle and once the deadline passes we are required to release any unused rooms back to the hotel, and we cannot guarantee you will be able to find another room in Seattle. Lodging discount deadline: May 2
Event: June 7-9, Seattle, Motif Hotel    Read more here

NSF Big Data Spoke program solicitation
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced a call for Big Data Spoke proposals through the program solicitation Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs: Establishing Spokes to Advance Big Data Applications (BD Spokes, NSF 17-546)The West Big Data  Innovation Hub is now accepting requests for Letters of Collaboration from PIs in our region. Please use the form at  by JUNE 19, 2017

To prepare for your visit to Bloomington, you need to watch at least this trailer for the movie Breaking Away, which is still required viewing for BTown aficionados.

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