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Today is the last day for ESIP leadership nominations and Climate & Ag Fellow Bar shares a COP26 report out. 

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ESIP UPDATE: 11.15.21

Dear ESIP, 

Good tidings from an unseasonably warm Vermont, where the leaves have yet to fall and no frost has graced our soils. Climate change is on the forefront of my mind. With the closing of COP26 this weekend, I want to share international climate action highlights: 

  • As the CLEAN Network and others report, while there are good breakthroughs, climate mitigation pledges are not enough and issues of equity and justice abound
  • Climate Action Tracker shows climate mitigation pledges put us on track for 2.4ºC of warming — roughly twice as high as the 1.5ºC threshold to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. 
  • Further, the Washington Post investigation found flawed emissions data — in particular, most of the gap between what countries report and what is occurring is due to problematic emissions accounting from land.

The ESIP community is tackling important environmental management challenges for climate action. From supporting wildfire response by the Disasters Lifecycle, Ag and Climate, Semantic Harmonization, and EnviroSensing clusters, to supporting ocean and marine management by the Marine Data and the Biological Data Standards clusters. The ESIP community is advancing critical areas of data management for climate action — from improving the discovery, sharing, and reuse of datasets by the Information Quality, Discovery, Documentation, and clusters to unpacking the challenges in using open and public data to answer questions of environmental justice from the ESIP Lab-funded Environmental Enforcement Watch.

As the dust settles from COP26, I am truly excited for our virtual ESIP January Meeting where we’re eager to support the cross-cluster collaboration advancing all this work, and more! Stay tuned for a great lineup of sessions.

In the meantime, if you participated in COP26, please let us know. We’d love to amplify the work you’re doing to help support climate change action. 

Lindsay Barbieri
Agriculture & Climate Information Fellow

Collaboration Area Telecons

Here's what to expect this week:
  • Tuesday (11/16):
    • Governance Committee (4 pm ET)
  • Wednesday (11/17)
    • Public-Private Partnerships (10 am ET) 
    • Soil Ontology & Informatics (noon ET)
    • Community Resiliency (noon ET)
    • Semantic Harmonization (2 pm ET)
  • Thursday (11/18)
    • Community Data (11:00 am ET)
    • Education Committee (2:00 pm ET)
    • Discovery (3:00 pm ET)
    • Research Object Citation (4:00 pm ET)
  • Friday (11/19)
    • Machine Learning (noon pm ET)
    • Sustainable Data Management (4 pm ET)
See the full telecon calendar. Select the meeting you'd like to attend, login instructions are included in description. Please review and follow our community guidelines


Final Call for Leadership Nominations (DUE 11/15)

The ESIP Nominating Committee is organizing nominations for ESIP's elected leadership offices for the 2022 year. If you would like to nominate someone for a position or self-nominate, send your nomination to Nominees will be asked to provide a brief bio and statement of interest.

We hope to have a finalized ballot no later than November 15. View the current nominations and ballot.

If you have questions about where your skills would be best used or want to learn more about various positions, please reach out to the Nomination Committee, with questions.

Volunteer as a data or software expert for the Data Help Desk at AGU 2021.

Participate virtually or in person by suggesting or answering questions via #DataHelpDesk, create, share, and amplify resources, demos, and one-pagers, or help staff the Data Help Desk booth. Learn more about how you can help. 

Supported by EarthCube, ESIP, and AGU.

More News

Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan (DUE 12/1)

The Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) is offering a free, virtual mini-course on practical and effective steps for developing a sustainability strategy. PIs of research and teaching-focused gateways and their teams to kick off sustainability planning for new grants or existing projects. Register by December 1 and the course runs Monday, December 6 to Wednesday, December 8.  

Algorithms for Wildfire: NASA Goddard Seminar Series

Nirav Patel, Department of Defense Innovation Unit, presents with Ritwik Gupta of DIU and Phillip SeLegue of Cal Fire on implementing the xView2 prize-winning algorithms during the 2020-2021 California wildfire seasons. The presentation begins at 1 pm ET and covers how the team used a competition to crowdsource computer vision algorithms for building damage assessment using satellite imagery.

Job Opportunities 

Join the ESIP Slack workspace and check out the #job-opportunities channel.
You'll find positions like:
  • production services manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s (LBNL) Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology Division, to join the U.S. Department of Energy's project Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) team
  • software developer, ESRI, with skills in C++ and scripting for backend dev work on ocean, maritime, and bathymetry software

Remember to register for the upcoming ESIP meeting. Stay tuned for the session schedule and let us know what you're most looking forward to. 

Questions/comments? Reply directly to this note or click the button below to email us at

ESIP is funded with support from NASA, NOAA, and USGS. 






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