ESIP Update ūüĆĄ New environmental justice collaboration

NASA Earth Data and ESIP have teamed up and are looking for an environmental justice subject matter expert. 

The mountain is always there.

This phrase reminds us that rest and celebration are as much a part of work as the trek and to-do lists. As ESIP collaboration areas gear up for the next stretch, let's take a moment to enjoy the view and celebrate a few high points.

ūüĆĄ For last Friday's¬†International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Amazon's blog featured Annie Burgess, Chelle Gentemann, and Ana¬†Pinheiro Privette.

ūüĆĄ The Royal Geographical Society's teaching resources¬†also drew up Dawn Wright as a data superhero. #WomenInScience

ūüĆĄ The year's first IT&I Tech Dive Webinar kicked off with¬†an overview of The National Map tool.¬†

ūüĆĄ Our Community Fellows' bios are up on the ESIP blog. As well as stories on wildfire data and our ESIP award winners.¬†

ūüĆĄ ESIP and NASA Earth Data have teamed up and are looking for an environmental justice subject matter expert.¬†(Details below).¬†

Where are you hiking these days? ESIP will be rolling out a new blog and we'd love to share community successes and summits. Send ideas to Allison Mills, ESIP Communication's Manager, 

Let's Collaborate

Collaboration Area Telecons

Here's what to expect this week: 

  • Monday¬†
    • Data Stewardship (3 p.m. EST) Discussion on supporting people, data, and projects across ESIP.
    • SWEET Working Session (4 p.m. EST)
  • Tuesday¬†
    • Governance Committee (4 p.m. EST)¬†
  • Wednesday
    • Public-Private Partnerships (10 a.m. EST)
    • Community Resilience (12 p.m. EST)¬†
    • Semantic Harmonization (2 p.m. EST)
    • Soil Ontology and Informatics (6 p.m. EST)¬†Guest speaker Simon Cox from CSIRO.
  • Thursday¬†
    • Education Committee (2 p.m. EST)¬†
    • Discovery (3 p.m. EST)¬†
    • Research Object Citation (4:30 p.m. EST)
  • Friday¬†
    • Machine Learning (12 p.m. EST)¬†Working¬†on a white paper about practical AI, FAIR AI, wildfire/ocean eddies collaboration and Awesome-Earth-AI.¬†
    • Sustainable Data Management (4 p.m. EST)

See the full telecon calendar. Select the meeting you'd like to attend, login instructions are included in description. Please review and follow our community guidelines. 

ESIP News and Events

Subject Matter Expert RFP: Environmental Justice

Help us find a subject matter expert (SME) who understands environmental justice stakeholders and communities along with their data needs and challenges. Together with ESIP, NASA, and a facilitation consultant, the SME will assist us in identifying and engaging a diverse group of participants in a series of three meetings in April and May. 

For any organizations interested in participating, let us know via this form and we'll circle back when recruiting begins. 

This Week in Earth Science Data

Data Viz

Landsat-9 data is now publicly available. What's the coolest #dataviz you've seen so far? Let us know! Tag @ESIPfed on Twitter and join the #EarthScienceData conversation.  

False color image of Anchorage, AK, as observed by Landsat 9 on November 20, 2021, using infrared, red, and blue bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Image credit: USGS

Worth a read…

  • Or a listen.¬†Threshold Season 4: Time to 1.5 is out. The podcast is a serialized, in-depth narrative with each season dedicated to a¬†specific environmental issue.

Tune in…

NCAR Seminar (Feb 16)
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Computational and Information Sciences Laboratory (CISL) Seminar on February 16 will be given by Charles Zender from UC Irvine. The NCAR talk is titled “What Geoscientists Want: Short and Sweet Commands with Eco-friendly Data” and takes place February 16, 3 p.m. EST.

Check out…

SGCI Mini Gateways 2022 (Due March 7)
With the success of virtual meetings, the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) is running a “mini” conference April 5-7 to offer¬†diverse options for sharing work and networking in the community. The format includes tutorial sessions, panels, presentations in the form of lightning talks, and an open forum. Registration will be free and the call for submissions is open.¬†¬†

NSF Call for FAIR and Open Science (Due April 12)
Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable Open Science Research Coordination Networks (FAIROS RCN) has a call out for proposals. The FAIROS RCN program seeks to create three-year Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) which will foster catalytic improvements in scientific communities focusing on FAIR. 

Job Opportunities

Join ESIP Slack and check out the #job-opportunities channel.
You'll find positions like:






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