*Deadlines* ESIP Nominations + Session Submission, DataONE Webinars, EarthArXiv, Ignite at AGU.*Deadlines* ESIP Nominations + Session Submission, DataONE Webinars, EarthArXiv, Ignite at AGU.

Preview: *Deadlines* ESIP Nominations + Session Submission, DataONE Webinars, EarthArXiv, Ignite at AGU.
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ESIP UPDATE: 10.30.17

Good morning ESIP – Kick off your Monday morning with a great interview about community-driven science featuring the EarthArXiv founders Chris Jackson, Tom Narock and Bruce Caron. The interview talks about how EarthArxiv has been a great example of an open, community-led initiative that isn't controlled by any one entity. Read the full article here.

In other news, its great to see that the JPSS satellite is launching soon, a collaborative program between two of ESIP's supporting agencies, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). #inter-agency #polar-orbiting #non-geosynchronous.

Annie B. and the ESIP staff

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Federation News  

  • Survey of ESIP Partner Education Programs & Projects
  • Invite to Exploration of Coding “book-club”
  • ESIP Leadership Nomination DEADLINE TOMORROW
  • ESIP Member Recognition Nominations
  • ESIP 2018 Winter Meeting Registration is Open
  • CALL for Winter 2018 sessions DEADLINE TODAY

Around the Federation

  • Center for Open Science and EarthArXiv Launch Branded Preprint Service
  • AGU Data Help Desk
  • Ignite at AGU
  • DataONE Webinar Series: Provenance enabled Reproducibility


  • Tuesday: CLEAN
  • Wednesday: Web Services, Usability, Data to Decisions, Out to Lunch – ESIP Education
  • Thursday: Disaster Lifecycle

Telecon highlights: Join the ESIP Education Out to Lunch series with ‘When it rains, it pours” – Dorian Janney, NASA GPM. Accessing GPM precipitation data using data visualization tools such as IMERG, Global Viewer, and NASA Worldview. https://pmm.nasa.gov/data-access/visualization

See the full telecon calendar here. Select the meeting you'd like to attend, login instructions are included in description. 

Federation News

Survey of ESIP Partner Education Programs & Projects
ESIP Education has a 3 question survey we would like you to complete so that we can collect the high-level web pages of the education programs & projects of ESIP partners, members, and those who participate in ESIP activities. 

The goal  of this survey is to provide better visibility of education and outreach activities that our ESIP community offers.  Based on the information provided in the survey, ESIP will post a list of these education programs / projects. Thank you in advance for your time!


Invite to Exploration of Coding “book-club”
ESIP Education Committee is starting a book club-style exploration of coding. The purpose is to explore the hype behind Hour of Code and other coding projects (Girls who code, etc) to find something we might harness as content for ESIP education workshops.

Every other week, following our Out2Lunch presentations, we'll spend ~45 minutes discussing what we've learned from the week's assignment. Our first session will be this Wednesday, Nov 1, immediately following the Out2Lunch presentation. We'll continue meeting for as long (or short) as it seems useful.

Our first assignment for discussion on Nov. 1 (1/2 hour + optional activities) http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/ESIP_Exploration_of_Coding

ESIP Leadership Nomination DEADLINE TOMORROW
Nominations for 2018 ESIP leadership are now OPEN!  If you are interested in serving or nominating someone, please use the following Google Form to nominate. The nominations committee will reach out to those that have been nominated to confirm the nomination and explain next steps in the process. 

For the positions that are accepting nominations, please see the following link: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Nomination_Committee/2018_Nominations_and_Ballot. There are position descriptions here for more information about the individual roles as well.  

We welcome new faces to leadership!  If you've never served in a leadership capacity the committees are a great place to get started. If you are new or have questions, please feel free to send us an email at nominations@esipfed.org we are here to help! Nominations will be accepted through October 31, 2017.

ESIP Member Recognition Nominations
The ESIP Partner of the Year
This award is to honor an ESIP member organization that best exemplifies the spirit of ESIP in one or more areas, through the sharing of a success story.
The Martha Maiden Award
This award honors individuals who have demonstrated leadership, dedication and a collaborative spirit in advancing the field of Earth Science information.

Please send nominations for these high honors to nominations@esipfed.org today!

ESIP 2018 Winter Meeting Registration is Open
Registration is OPEN for the 2018 ESIP Winter Meeting, January 9th – 11th in Bethesda, MD! Our theme for 2018 is Data for our Changing Earth: Realizing the socioeconomic value of Earth science data.

CALL for Winter 2018 Sessions DEADLINE TODAY
Here is the Call for Sessions for the 2018 Winter Meeting in Bethesda, MD. This call will END Monday, October 30, 2017.

Register Here

Around the Federation

Center for Open Science and EarthArXiv Launch Branded Preprint Service
The Center for Open Science (COS) and EarthArXiv have launched a new preprint service for the earth sciences, sources for both organizations announced today. The new service, called EarthArXiv, provides free, open access, open source archives for the earth sciences.

EarthArXiv is the fifteenth community preprint service built on COS’s flagship platform, the Open Science Framework, which helps researchers design and manage their project workflow, data storage, DOIs, and collaboration. COS has leveraged that platform to help research communities in many disciplines discover new research as it happens and to receive quick feedback on their own research prior to publication.

Read more here.

AGU Help Desk
Now that AGU abstracts have been assigned to sessions (thanks, Lesley Wyborn & Program Committee!), it's time to think about the AGU Data Fair!

New this year and inspired by Ruth Duerr, ESSI President, we are adding a Data Help Desk to the Data Fair activities.The Data Help Desk will have three sections 1) Data Reference Desk  (where volunteers can answer data questions) 2) Data Management Workshops (where volunteers will give data-centric workshops) and 3) Tool and Platform Demos (where volunteers can provide a tool/service demonstration).

We are looking for volunteers to sign-up for each of the Help Desk sections for hour long shifts. Sign-up is here: https://goo.gl/forms/Yao672NXobgITyax2 

Ignite! at AGU
NASA’s Applied Sciences Program – in partnership with AGU’s Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) group and the ESIP Federation – is thrilled to co-sponsor IgniteAGU 2017 at the upcoming Fall AGU meeting. Ignite (www.igniteshow.com), a concept created by O’Reilly Media, provides presenters a strict presentation format – five minutes and 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds – to make their point. Enlighten us, but make it quick!

Read more here: https://www.esipfed.org/meeting-news/igniteagu2017

DataONE Webinar Series: Provenance enabled Reproducibility
Reproducible research is enabled, in part, by provenance metadata that describes the lineage and processing history of data and knowledge artifacts. Provenance plays an important role in many scientific applications and use cases. Yet this information is often not tracked as thoroughly and systematically as science metadata. DataONE has been working on tools to display provenance information and to support recording of provenance metadata through programming languages such as R and Matlab and through an intuitive, user friendly, web-based UI.

Read more here.

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