🌎ESIP at AGU, ESIP Winter Meeting Deadlines, Glaciology VoCamp, SSEC JobOpp.ESIP at AGU, ESIP Winter Meeting Deadlines, Glaciology VoCamp, SSEC JobOpp.

Preview: ESIP at AGU, ESIP Winter Meeting Deadlines, Glaciology VoCamp, SSEC JobOpp.
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ESIP UPDATE: 12.11.17

Greetings from New Orleans! 
We hope everyone is feeling energized about a big week in the Big Easy. Here is a guide to ESIP-related activities at this year's 2017 AGU Fall Meeting
Have a great meeting and whether you're here or not, remember to keep up with us on Twitter (#ESIPFed | #AGU17)!

Annie and the ESIP staff

Federation News  

  • 2018 ESIP Winter Meeting

Around the Federation

  • Virtual Hackahon on Glacier Vocabularies
  • [JobOpp] UW-Madison SSEC Director

Telecons Scheduled

  • No Telecons. Happy AGU Week!

NOTE: Keep an eye on Slack for all things ESIP! If you are not already on the ESIP Slack team: here is your INVITATION. 

Federation News

 2018 ESIP Winter Meeting

  • Housing block closes on Dec. 20th, or when block is full, whichever comes first! Book your hotel here
  • Early registration closes December 22nd – click the big blue button to register!

Winter Meeting Registration: Register HERE

Around the Federation

Virtual Hackathon on Glacier Vocabularies
Water is one of the most important resources on Earth, requiring careful management. Much progress has been made on the semantic representation of where water is stored and flows as part of a number of ongoing standardization efforts. However, one of the most significant stores of freshwater, namely glaciers, ice sheets and related entities (e.g. permanent snow, icebergs, etc.), is not well represented despite them containing more than 68% of all freshwater and covering more than 10% of the Earth’s landmass (ref: https://water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycleice.html).

This February there will be a VoCamp to work on Glacier vocabularies. Check out the full details on this upcoming event here: https://github.com/Vocamp/Virtual-Hackahon-on-Glacier-topic/wiki

[JobOpp] UW-Madison SSEC Director
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is accepting applications for Director of the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), home of NOAA's Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) and the birthplace of satellite meteorology. SSEC's mission is to conduct atmospheric, oceanic, environmental and astronomical research using remote sensing from spaceborne, airborne, and surface-based platforms to discover and apply physical properties of the universe for the benefit of humanity.

More information at: http://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/cw/en-us/job/496755/director-space-science-and-engineering

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