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ESIP Innovator: Andrew Collette

Today is the Boulder Earth And Space Science Informatics Group's book launch event for Andrew Collette, a research scientist at the University of Colorado-Boulder, creator of H5Py and most recently the author of a new book, “Python and HDF5: Unlocking Scientific Data.”  Andrew will give the BESSIG talk today on, “Improving Science with Open Formats and High-Level Languages: Python and HDF5”. The event wills be at the Boulder Outlook at 4 pm. For all details see the BESSIG site.

Andrew has worked with the Python-NumPy-HDF5 stack at two multimillion-dollar research facilities, the first being the Large Plasma Device at UCLA (entirely standardized on HDF5), and the second being the hypervelocity dust accelerator (see what it looks like!) at the Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmospheric Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder. This past Friday, I sat down with Andrew to talk about the book as well as learn more about HDF5, Python and their applications for science and beyond. The ESIP Community will appreciate his passion for collaboration in science and the bridge that he has provided between science and data technology through Python and HDF5.

ESIP Innovators is a new series devoted to highlighting areas of interest to the ESIP community. If you are interested in being featured or have ideas for others, please send me an email – erinrobinson@esipfed.org.