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A Message to Our Community About COVID-19

The ESIP Staff would like to acknowledge the uncertainty and disruption going on across the country and across the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In moments of crisis, people and communities are our greatest assets. As a virtual organization, ESIP is skilled at supporting our distributed community remotely and we are happy to be a resource and offer up the ESIP platform as you navigate increased remote participation and try to turn in-person activities into virtual ones. Below are some ways that you can use the ESIP platform in the coming days and some upcoming virtual opportunities.

We invite you to use the ESIP Slack (join here) with its numerous channels to communicate with us and with others. With Slack, you can even start multi-way video chats. We have started a #covid channel on the ESIP Slack. You are welcome to use this space to share resources and advice, as well as stories of how the current has affected you and your workplace and what you are doing to adapt. By collecting stories of Earth science data professionals, we hope to help our community members support each other through this difficult time.

We know your time is precious particularly now, so we encourage you as always to engage with ESIP to the level that is useful for you. The ESIP Collaboration Areas have been as busy as ever of late, continuing to host monthly telecons to discuss data-related challenges and opportunities. All are welcome on these telecons. In late April, we’ll host a Collaboration Area Highlights Webinar (more details coming soon), where you can see a fast-paced overview of what these groups are doing and think about where you might want to jump in. We will continue to post content to our YouTube Channel for you to view on your own time.

Regarding the 2020 ESIP Summer Meeting to be held July 14th-17th, the call for sessions is open. The meeting is currently planned as a hybrid meeting with in-person and remote capabilities for all sessions. We will continue to monitor and adjust planning, if travel and group-size restrictions extend beyond mid-May.