The Assembly of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) elected four new partner organizations, bringing total membership above 130 organizations, a record of strong growth during the 14-year history of ESIP. The new member organizations include (member type in parenthesis):

  • Arizona Geological Survey, Lee Allison, Arizona Geological Survey (Type II – Research)
  • Data Conservancy, Sayeed Choudhury, Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University (Type I – Data Center)
  • Ozone and Atmospheric Quality Processing Team, Curt Tilmes, Goddard Space Flight Center (Type II – Research)
  • Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network, Eric Fegraus, Conservation International (Type II – Research)
ESIP Federation membership is strictly voluntary and the continued growth of its membership reflects the recognition that the ESIP Federation is a dynamic and collaborative forum where data providers, researchers and users gather to exchange valuable information. Partnership in the ESIP Federation is open to organizations that work with Earth science data and who wish to work across communities to expose, gather and enhance in-house capabilities in support of their organization’s own mandates.
“The ESIP Federation by design supports developing and sharing solutions among its partners that promote interoperability among data and which promote discovery and use,” said Chris Lenhardt, ESIP Federation President. “The strong positive trend in new member growth reflects the role ESIP plays in creating a knowledge commons focused on Earth science informatics that benefits its members. The latest class of partners also demonstrates the continued diversification of the organization, another indication that the ESIP Federation is fulfilling an important role in those communities.”
According to President Lenhardt, “The member-driven ESIP Federation creates an agile organization that can quickly respond to new trends and ideas in the data and information field. Its ability to do so has allowed it to be a central venue where Earth science information professionals gather.” The ESIP Federation is dedicated to transforming research data and information into useful and usable data and information products for decision makers, policy makers and the public.
The ESIP Federation is a broad-based, distributed community of science data and information technology practitioners that leverage collaboration and coordinate interoperability efforts across the Earth science community spanning government (NASA, NOAA, EPA, USGS, NSF), academia and the private sectors (commercial and nonprofit). As an organization, the ESIP Federation optimizes collaboration through in-person meetings and virtually through collaboration space on the Web. Partners utilize this independent forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration – an intellectual commons – where practitioners solve shared problems. The Foundation for Earth Science provides administrative and staff support to the ESIP Federation.


Chris Lenhardt
President, Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

Carol Meyer
Executive Director, Foundation for Earth Science