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A new paper about the ESIP community: “Knowledge mobilization for community resilience: perspectives from data, informatics, and information science”

Authors: Arika Virapongse,  Ruth Duerr, Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of a peer-reviewed article in Sustainability Science that highlights the perspectives of the ESIP community around the topic of place-based community resilience. If you were at the 2015 ESIP summer meeting, you may have contributed data to this paper through a presentation at the plenary, participation at the lunch round tables, and/or a session focused on community resilience.

Here is the abstract:

“This paper presents the perspectives of data, informatics, and information scientists and practitioners regarding how data solutions can be developed for place-based community resilience. Data were collected from participants at an Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) meeting in 2015. Results show that to develop such data solutions, terminology related to community resilience must be further clarified to coordinate better with data and informatics systems, and institutional support of place-based community resilience must be prioritized. In addition, accessibility and usability of developed data solutions are crucial, and gaps along the information pathway must be filled to better connect data practitioners and community resilience practitioners.”

The full paper can be accessed at https://rdcu.be/3TBl

Citation: Virapongse, A., R.E. Duerr, E.C. Metcalf (2018). Knowledge Mobilization For Community Resilience: Perspectives From Data, Informatics, And Information Science. Sustainability Science. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11625-018-0612-z