The ESIP Federation is governed by its Assembly, a body representing all partner organizations. Each partner (member) organization has 1 vote in the Assembly. The Assembly annually elects its leadership - a President, Vice President, ESIP Type Representatives, and Committee Chairs. The leadership collectively serves on the Executive Committee, which governs the ESIP Federation between annual Assembly business meetings. Professional staff support is provided through the Foundation for Earth Science and works closely with the Executive Committee throughout the year.

The collaboration areas within the ESIP Federation are accommodated through Committees, Working Groups and Clusters. These three approaches allow for both formal and informal activities to be accommodated. The collaboration structure provides for great flexibility and efficiency in addressing emerging topics. The Committees, Working Groups and Clusters groups are supported with a suite of collaboration tools (web conferencing, teleconferencing, wikis, etc.) to improve a group’s ability to collaborate in a virtual environment.

Relevant governance documents are linked below and include a ConstitutionBylaws and Strategic Plan.