Instructions for adding your 2018 Winter Meeting content to the ESIP Figshare Portal.

  1. TO upload to the Esip Portal, go HERE, and START by uploading the first document. You can upload more than one document at a time. IMPORTANT: ADD THIS KEYWORD PHRASE: “esip winter 2018”  [NOTE: without the quotes!] to the object/file/fileset.  This will connect your work to the ESIP Winter 2018 collection in the portal (See illustration below). NOTE: your content will be reviewed before it becomes public. Be Patient.To make your content more findable as ESIP content, please add this phrase to the end of the TITLE of all your submissions: Presented at the Winter 2018 ESIP Meeting.
  2. If you want to upload content to your own account and link this to the ESIP Portal, get a Figshare membership (this way you can connect up your submission with your profile and your ORCid account).
    1. encourage your co-authors to get Figshare memberships (same reasons).
      IMPORTANT: ADD THIS KEYWORD PHRASE: “esip winter 2018” [NOTE: without the quotes!]  to the object/file/fileset.  This will connect your work to the ESIP Winter 2018 collection in the portal.
    2. NOTE: your content will NOT be added immediately to the portal (this is a batch job that happens once a month).
  3. WE ARE EARLY ADOPTERS: so Figshare will be associating tagged content from your figshare account to the ESIP Portal on a ONCE-A-WEEK schedule.  Do not be worried if your content does not show up immediately in the ESIP portal.

NOTE: When you Publish to Figshare you are making a public document with its own DOI. Be very sure that you are uploading the right content/versions, and that you take some care with the metadata. IF you need to update this later, it will cause another DOI to be generated.

NOTE 2: If you are contributing multiple files for a workshop/breakout session, you can create a single “fileset” for all your session ppts, etc.. This will have a single DOI and each contributor will be a co-author. Just open a new “create new item”, give your session its title and upload all the files before publishing. Upload this to your account with the above keyword.

Videos?  ESIP has a youtube channel for these. Upload them there (or contact STAFF for permission to do so, and then upload them) and add the URL to your Figshare content.

HERE is the Figshare FAQ