Kitware Inc. supports creation and development of open-source software and state of the art technology related to computing and visualization. Kitware and Mr. Aashish Chaudhary has been involved in various open source projects related to earth and climate science. The Kitware Site-PI of UV-CDAT, Aashish Chaudhary, has been leading the open source ClimatePipes project with NYU. ClimatePipes Phase-I and II are funded by DOE. It is web- based, multi-faceted software project that combines social networks, graphical user interfaces, data-flow networks, data provenance, and existing high- performance software libraries. Also, Mr. Chaudhary and other Kitware developers have contributed significantly to the core feature of UV-CDAT. Mr. Chaudhary is the SITE- PI for the project. As part of this project, he has been collaborating with NASA, NOAA, DOE, and other universities. Also, Mr. Chaudhary is the SITE-PI for the Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME) project and has been a member of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). His collaborators include scientist from NASA (JPL, Ames, Goddard), NOAA, Unidata, IOOS, USGS etc. Some of the other open souce tools and projects developed by Kitware are; ParaView, ParaViewWeb, VTK, ITK, and CMake.

ESIP Voting Rep:
Name: Aashish Chaudhary

Type: Type III

Year Joined: 2016


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