This is the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration's (HMC) task: to promote the qualitative enrichment of research data by means of metadata – and implement this approach across the whole organization. The platform pools the scientific expertise on metadata from several domains in special metadata hubs (including an Earth and Environment Hub) for the research fields. Association-wide services offer advice and provide infrastructure services for storing, reusing, and exchanging metadata. The work is always embedded in the national and international context. HMC aims to keep the research data “alive”. The platform is intended to make it possible to access specific data even after many years, and to make the data available and usable to interested parties in various disciplines. By combining research data and metadata from different sources, researchers can work on new interdisciplinary research topics or validate models, for example. Research in the field of artificial intelligence is also reliant on excellent reference data sets.

Type: Type II

Year Joined: 2021


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