Have Questions?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). If you have questions not answered here, feel free to leave a comment below or email info@esipfed.org.

What is ESIP?

ESIP is a broad-based, volunteer community comprising researchers and associated groups that produce, interpret and develop applications for Earth and environmental science data. ESIP helps this community facilitate connections, collaborations and innovation across the science, technology and applications communities.

What does ESIP do?

The ESIP community improves Earth science data management practices and makes Earth science data more discoverable, accessible, communicable and useful to researchers, policy makers and the public by addressing technical and scientific problems that impact or impede the flow or use of Earth and environmental science data. Improving the distribution, accessibility and use of Earth science data advances understanding of our planet.

Can non-U.S. entities join ESIP?

Yes. ESIP is funded by several U.S. federal agencies, but its interests are broader than working only with data generated by U.S. entities. Membership in ESIP is voluntary and open to any organization working to facilitate data distribution, and provide products and services to decision makers and researchers in public and private settings. ESIP members span the data value chain, from data centers and data providers to researchers and application developers.

How can my organization join ESIP?

ESIP has a well-established process for reviewing membership applications. More information on how to join ESIP, and the application, are here. Completed applications are reviewed by the ESIP Partnership Committee and the community at-large. A formal vote of the ESIP Assembly is taken to approve memberships. Depending on when the application is submitted, the process can take between three and six months. There is no cost to join.

Do I have to be a member to participate in ESIP activities or attend meetings?

No, anyone can participate in ESIP activities and meetings. Membership in ESIP entitles organizations a role in governance, the ability to hold elected office within the ESIP, discounted attendance at meetings and seed funding for projects.

How is ESIP funded?

We receive funding from NASA, NOAA and USGS through three cooperative agreements. In addition, ESIP is a subaward on some NSF proposals including the EarthCube Community Office. 

Does ESIP provide funds to outside organizations?

ESIP indirectly funds its members through activities that its communities undertake on behalf of the community. It is not a direct grant-making organization.