Executive Committee

The ESIP Federation annually elects its officers, representatives and committee chairs during the Assembly business meeting in January. The Executive Committee is comprised of these elected members, who govern the ESIP Federation’s activities throughout the year. The current Executive Committee is as follows:

  • Peter Fox, President
  • Emily Law, Vice President
  • Sara Graves, Type I Rep
  • Ken Keiser, Type II Rep
  • Margaret Mooney, Type III Rep
  • Bruce Caron, Chair, Constitution and Bylaws
  • Bill Teng, Chair, Finance and Appropriations
  • Tyler Stevens, Chair, Partnership
  • Ruth Duerr, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • Roberta Johnson, Chair, Education
  • Matt Austin, Chair, Information Technology and Interoperability
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services


Workgroup and Cluster Chairs


  • Bill Teng, Agriculture & Climate
  • Margaret Mooney, Climate Education
  • Anne Wilson, Data Study
  • Emily Law/ Karen Moe, Disaster Response
  • Doug Newman/Ruth Duerr, Discovery
  • Ed Armstrong/ Ted Habermann, Documentation
  • David Bassendine/ Adam Shepherd, Drupal
  • Steve Kempler, Earth Science Data Analytics
  • Richard Eckman/ Ana Privette, Energy and Climate
  • Corinna Gries, Envirosensing
  • Chris Lenhardt, Science Software
  • Beth Huffer/Tom Narock, Semantic Web
  • Bruce Caron, Visioneers


Student Fellows

  • Reid Boehm, Agriculture and Climate (University of Tennessee)
  • Kevin Dobbs, Disaster Response (University of Kansas)
  • Kelly Monteleone, Documentation (University of New Mexico Ph.D. 2013)
  • Kyle Nelson, Education (University of Wisconsin)
  • Sarah Ramdeen, Data Stewardship (University of North Carolina)
  • Nic Weber, Science Software (University of Illinois)


The Foundation for Earth Science (http://earthsciencefoundation.org/) is the management arm of the ESIP Federation. The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Erin Robinson, Executive Director, Foundation for Earth Science 

email: erinrobinson@esipfed.org
Phone: 314-369-9954
Connect with Erin on LinkedIn

In November, 2014, Erin began working for the Foundation for Earth Science, as the Executive Director. Prior to that worked for FES as the Information and Virtual Community Director. She leverages her knowledge of environmental informatics, in particular collaborative web technologies to support the diverse communities of practice that make up the Federation for Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). Her current research interest include improving collaboration among distributed partners by enhancing connections at various levels in the interoperability stack, coordinating events to enhance human-to-human relationships, developing collaborative sites that integrate social media to facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing Earth observations through standard data access.



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