Executive Committee

The ESIP Federation annually elects its officers, representatives and committee chairs during the Assembly business meeting in January. The Executive Committee is comprised of these elected members, who govern the ESIP Federation’s activities throughout the year. The current Executive Committee is as follows:

  • Emily Law, President
  • Christine White, Vice President
  • Bill Teng, Chair, Ficom
  • Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Denise Hills, Nominations
  • Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • LuAnn Dahlman, Chair, Education
  • Ethan Davis, Chair, IT & I
  • Soren Scott, Chair, Products and Services
  • Tom Narock, Chair, Semantic Technologies
  • Bob Arko, Type I Rep
  • Sky Bristol, Type II Rep
  • Ted Habermann, Type III Rep

Working Group and Cluster Chairs

Collaboration areas within the ESIP Federation are accommodated through Committees, Working Groups and Clusters. These three approaches allow for both formal and informal activities to be accommodated. The elected leadership of ESIP Committees sit on the Executive Committee (see above). Working Groups and Clusters leadership is not elected - the current chairs of those groups are as follows:

  • Bill Teng/ Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Agriculture & Climate
  • Margaret Mooney, Climate Education
  • Dave Jones/ Karen Moe, Disaster Response
  • Doug Newman/Ruth Duerr, Discovery
  • Sean Gordon/Kaylin Bugbee, Documentation
  • David Bassendine/ Adam Shepherd, Drupal
  • Steve Kempler/Tiffany Mathews/Shea Caspersen, Earth Science Data Analytics
  • Richard Eckman/ Erica Zell, Energy and Climate
  • Janet Fredricks, Envirosensing
  • Steve Diggs, Visioneers


Dormant ESIP clusters were once active, but are on a break. If you're interested in building a conversation around any of these topics, please contact the ESIP Vice President.

  • Data Study
  • GeoSpatial
  • Science Software
  • Visualization