Member Benefits

What Can Membership in the ESIP Federation Do for You?
Join a vibrant community of Earth science data and technology practitioners who count on the ESIP Federation for networking with their peers. Our members represent federal employees, academics, commercial and nonprofit interests who in one way or another are concerned about data, its access, distribution and utility.  

As a member of the ESIP Federation community, you will interact with your peers, engage with other experts, learn about new technologies, contribute knowledge to community-evolved standards, and have opportunities to participate in networking and leadership with colleagues from all parts of this diverse community.

The ESIP Federation offers a range of benefits to its partners including:

  • Access to a community of practitioners who are leading experts in the fields of science, data and information technology
  • Exposure for one’s programs
  • Learning and professional development opportunities in technical and non-technical areas
  • Opportunities to build relationships with future collaborators
  • Diverse participation from across government, academic, commercial and nonprofit sectors
  • Ability to influence community conventions and best practices
  • Chances to form and lead groups based on your interests
  • On-going opportunities for networking among practitioners through virtual and in-person meetings
  • Mini-grant opportunities for small project funding
  • Peer recognition awards

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