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ESIP Announces New Annual Award Winners

Cyndy Chandler wins Martha Maiden Award

January 12, 2017

For immediate release

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) is proud to announce the...

ESIP Update: Winter Meeting Special
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ESIP Update: Happy New Year! Winter Meeting, Job Opportunity
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ESIP Update: Holiday Edition; job opportunity.
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​Report from the EnviroSensing Student Fellow: A Year of X-DOMES!

This year I had the pleasure of serving as the Student Fellow in the EnviroSensing Collaboration Area. Although my Master’s thesis work was in remote sensing and applications of remotely-sensed products to landscape ecology, I was in well over my...

ESIP Update: AGU recap, Winter Meeting dates approaching.
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ESIP Update: AGU, Ignite@AGU, Winter Meeting dates approaching, Job Opps, and more.
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ESIP Assembly Meeting Notice - January 12, 8-10:30am ET
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Humanitarian Mapping: Eradicating Malaria with Data Sharing

We are sitting in a brightly-lit computer lab with 19 other University of Vermont (UVM) students. Everyone is scrolling through satellite imagery of landscapes in Zambia, looking for small grey clusters of pixels with regular shadows that...

ESIP Update: Ignite@AGU, Winter Meeting dates approaching, GeoSemantics Symposium, and more.
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