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ESIP Update: New Staff to Support ESIP, Cloud Computing Call w/ Jonathan Chiang & Summer Mtg Sessions due Today | NOAA Big Data CRADA
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2015 Spring Testbed Showcase

The Products & Services Aoril Call featured a showcase of the in-progress Testbed projects awarded last October.  These projects represent innovative, collaborative, and science-valuable endeavors within ESIP that we hope you connect to your own project ideas as well.
Here is our lineup: 
1) An entity linking service for documents and datasets in Earth and environmental sciences – presented by Marshall Ma
2) ToolMatch Service Project to Expand Community Engagement -...

ESIP Update: Summer Meeting Theme Finalized, ESIP Testbed Update, Education Committee  | News from AGU, Extreme Precip Hangout & USGS
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ESIP Update: Last call for new members, Summer Meeting 2nd Housing Update & Call for Sessions | WDS, EarthCube, RDA, USGCRP, COPDESS News
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ESIP Update: Asilomar Housing Update & Call for Sessions | News from NESTA, AMS, EarthCube, DataOne & NASA ESDSWG Data Recipes Group
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ESIP Update: New Libraries Cluster, Testbed RFP release shifted | News from GCMD, EarthCube C4P, NSF Big Data Innovation Hub RFP
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ESIP Update: Member Highlight - Kitware | March Committee Reports | News from NOAA, LANCE & NSF
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Member Highlight: Kitware

Kitware is an advanced open-source software solutions provider for research facilities, government institutions, and corporations worldwide. Founded in 1998, Kitware specializes in research and development in the areas of HPC and visualization, medical imaging, computer vision, data and analytics, and quality software process. Among its services, Kitware offers...

ESIP Update: EnviroSensing Cluster Update | Student Fellow Blog - Daily Wind | Call for Summer Meeting Sessions | EarthCube, AGU, AMS, NDS BNL News
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Daily Wind - Fox Peterson, Student Fellow

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