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ESIP Update: Partnership Applications, ESDA Definition, AGU Data Blog, JobOpps, Telecon Reminders and More. 
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Proposed Earth Science Data Analytics Definition


Earth Science Data Analytics encapsulates the processes and workflows useful for processing data specifically from the perspective of scientific needs. Data Analytics definitions found in the literature are based on problems...

ESIP Update: Summer Meeting Venue Change, Research as Art, AGU Data Blog, IT&I Tech Dive, Partnership Applications, Telecon Reminders and More. 
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Research as Art at the ESIP Summer Meeting

At this year’s Summer Meeting we'll hold a Research as Art event during the evening of Wednesday, July 20, instead of the traditional Summer Meeting poster session. Our goal is to encourage the ESIP community to use visual media to communicate...

ESIP's Response to NC HB2 & Summer Meeting Venue Change
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ESIP's Response to HB2 and Summer Meeting Venue Change
As you may know, the North Carolina legislature recently passed House Bill 2 (HB2), a controversial law preventing transgender people...
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ESIP Update: Special note about Annie Keyes, Winter Meeting Recap, Software Sprint, ASTER, Data Science Internship, JobOpps and Telecon Reminders.
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Help develop ESIP’s software quality guidelines through a distributed revision sprint


We are developing a set of software quality guidelines to support the ESIP Technology Evaluation Framework. We’re starting with the criteria developed by the...

ESIP Update: DataONE, Nebert + Leptoukh Awards, ARPA-E + RDA + NCDS Fellowships, NOAA Big Data Webinar, Data Replication, JobOpps & Telecon Reminders.
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ESIP Update: Summer Meeting, Student Fellows Blog, Data Carpentry, Physical Samples + Digital Libraries, CUAHSI Data Institute and telecon reminders.
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