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Agriculture, Climate Change, and Not Reinventing the Wheel



New FES Communications and Outreach Director!

I’d like to introduce the new Communications and Outreach Director for the Foundation for Earth Science (FES) Rebecca Fowler. Rebecca will be a great asset for FES and ESIP, helping craft organizational messages and individual member stories. We’re excited to welcome Rebecca to the team and have her at this year’s ...

ESIP Update: Call for ESIP Testbed Incubation Projects Open & Testbed Q&A telecon today @ 2 ET| News from NOAA, Unidata & OGC
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ESIP Update: Summer Mtg Registration, Agenda & Highlights, New Member 30-Day Review, Data Stewardship Update | News from DataOne, RDA and ENVI
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Hello ESIP! Message from the new Community Director.

Hello ESIP!

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ESIP Data Stewardship Committee Updates: Scientific Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix and Provenance and Context Content Standard

     As part of the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee’s (the DS Committee) core collaboration areas, the DS Committee is focused on developing and fostering best practices that can help to ensure continued and reliable information content, quality, accessibility, and usability of Earth Science data for as long as the data is deemed to be of value.  As a result, the “Scientific Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix” (Data Maturity Matrix) and the “...

ESIP Update: New Staff to Support ESIP, Cloud Computing Call w/ Jonathan Chiang & Summer Mtg Sessions due Today | NOAA Big Data CRADA
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2015 Spring Testbed Showcase

The Products & Services Aoril Call featured a showcase of the in-progress Testbed projects awarded last October.  These projects represent innovative, collaborative, and science-valuable endeavors within ESIP that we hope you connect to your own project ideas as well.
Here is our lineup: 
1) An entity linking service for documents and datasets in Earth and environmental sciences – presented by Marshall Ma
2) ToolMatch Service Project to Expand Community Engagement -...

ESIP Update: Summer Meeting Theme Finalized, ESIP Testbed Update, Education Committee  | News from AGU, Extreme Precip Hangout & USGS
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ESIP Update: Last call for new members, Summer Meeting 2nd Housing Update & Call for Sessions | WDS, EarthCube, RDA, USGCRP, COPDESS News
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