"..what are you doing??" - How to Talk to Strangers About Drones


“…what are you doing??”

I work with drones (also known as UAS or UAV - unmanned aerial systems/vehicles), and this is a question I get a lot. It is not typically asked in a forceful or suspicious manner, but I always have a momentary adrenaline rush when I see the curious bystander / no-nonsense groundskeeper / wealthy nearby landowner look up, check out our drone, and start to walk over.

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Call for 2017 ESIP Student Fellows

ESIP Student Fellows are graduate students and postdoctoral researchers interested in bridging the gap between informatics and Earth science. This fellowship provides students a chance to work closely with professionals in an interdisciplinary, cross-sector group on current Earth Science problems. The students become engaged in the group as rapporteurs, documenting the work of the group on the monthly telecons and at the semi-annual meetings (Summer/Winter).

Details in Brief

  • Stipend: $2000/year + Travel to two ESIP Meetings
  • Location: Virtual, 2...
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Attack of the Drones: UAVs in Education

Attack of the Drones

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away drones took over the Grand Ballroom. An ominous buzz filled the room as the drones zoomed, gained altitude, and spun into unknowing bystanders. The room was tense with anticipation, as those present wondered what the Attack of the Drones meant for the Galactic Empire.

Okay, okay, so it turns out that “a long time ago” was just last week at the...

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2016 ESIP Summer Meeting Summary

At the 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting, more than 300 members of our community gathered in Durham, North Carolina for four days of plenary talks, breakout sessions and technical workshops on the theme of Frontiers in Earth Sciences Big Data. The purpose of the meeting is to provide ESIP community members with professional development experiences, the time and space to advance their ongoing projects and collaboration area activities, and opportunities to spark new collaborations. 

The meeting in numbers: