Summer Meeting Recap: Definition of Sustainable Software

The ESIP 2014 summer meeting's theme was "Linking It Together: Sustainable Software Advancing Science Data and Services"

From our view, a focus on software sustainability is meant to address challenges related to the development, deployment, and maintenance of reusable software (Katz et al. 2014) - but what ESIP, as a community, means by both software and sustainability remains somewhat unclear.

By software,  we mean the scripts, gists, Excel macros, compilers, libraries, source code, etc. necessary to create,...

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Top 5 FAQ's about the ESIP Testbed - Request for Proposals out!

The ESIP Products and Services Committee with the ESIP Testbed Configuration Board are seeking proposals for innovative, collaborative projects that demonstrate technology, build upon research, test out protocols, standards, etc., or… what is your great idea that you’d like to work out through ESIP’s incredible network of knowledge and experience?  We want to hear it and consider supporting your team! Here are a few common questions: 

  1. What is the ESIP Testbed? 
    The Testbed serves as a forum with a virtual suite of services for innovative collaboration across...
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Introduction to the 2014 ESIP Student Fellows - Part II!

ESIP Student Fellows are a group of graduate students that are interested in working in cross-discipline activities that further the development of Earth science technologies that improve the flow of data bridging the gap between informatics and Earth Science and applying research to real-world problems. This fellowship provides students a chance to work closely with professionals in an interdisciplinary, cross-sector group on current Earth Science problems. The students become engaged in the group as rapporteurs, documenting the work of the group...

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ESIP Meetings, Juggling and Deadlines

The ESIP Federation has become the go-to place for tackling Earth science data and technical challenges. One area where this is particularly evident is at the ESIP meetings – the breadth and number of sessions proposed, the increasing and diverse attendance and the feedback from sponsors, members and even newcomers that ESIP meetings are among the most productive (if not THE most productive) gatherings they attend.

After every meeting we ask: “What improvements do you have for future meetings?” Over the last several meetings, we’ve seen many requests for fewer tracks and conflicting...

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